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Of course you know what an aquarium is. Also a terrarium is known to you. But what is a pyrarium? PYRARIUM is our newest and best development, a fire column, which functions like a stove, and creates an incomparable expierence of an open fire with high modern heat technology combined with interior design. Mostly a cuboid colum, but also cylindrical, it is available in diffrent sizes and suits every room. It is constructed to be movable and can be used in any room and way of your choice: in the middle of the room, a corner or next to a wall. The intensive heat out-put through his high surface temperature and a throught-out combustion venting system is exclusivly available only by our PYRARIUM. In a short period of time also big rooms gain a comfortable warmth. We can also construct a venting system with a higher heat storage if you wish.

Besides its functionality, the PYRARIUM convinces also through its versatile surface design: The casing (choice of steel or stainless steel) is manufactured with new cutting and welding techniques, untreated, grinded or oiled. The remaining area will be finished by hand as you wish with ceramics, stone, fire clay, metall or aluminium; everthing is possible from futuristic looking complete glazing to rustical looking tiles.

There are also different possibitlities to design the doorsystem as well as the glazing. We entrust the natural traces from soot and rust to use as a changeable and playful design element to our customers. Are you surprised? If you do fency the magical changeable optic of sooty glazing or the spectacular play of colours of the rusty steel, we do not know, but we invite you to let your fantasie take its course and help design your PYRARIUM. We will support you with our professional know-how!